Battle of DSLR (full frame) vs SLR(medium format)

Another of my attempts to compare the incomparable. Both devices were equipped with manual lenses Carl Zeiss Jena. The photo was taken almost at noon (it disadvantaged the SLR with ISO 400). I always take pictures in fully manual mode. Judge the result for yourself. The first image shows the raw color output from the DSLR. The second image is identical only in monochrome mode and basic adjustments. The third image is an analog monochrome medium format (with a long path of developing, developer tempering, rinsing, drying, and final negative scanning). They forgot that photographing a beautiful terrain unevenness at noon is nonsense … the SLR still comes out of that fight with honor. In short, you have just only “one shot” and show what you can do. 📷📷📷