24 thoughts on “Religion is a policy of faith …. (Mic)”

  1. ok. It’s simple … What would be left of religion without believers? Nothing. What would be left of believers without religion? Faith.


      1. A) They weren’t real communists, but they did have communistic ideals. The “Communist Man” was a hypothetical ideal toward whom Marx thought we should work.
        B) Most leftists are irreligious because they don’t value faith or traditions that don’t contribute to the common welfare of all people.
        C) I’m not certain that faith, religion, or traditions have no value. I’m certain about few things outside of arithmetic, calculus, trigonometry, and the fundamental principles of natural law. I trust science and technology, if not the corporations that control them. I feel the same way about religion. I like some aspects of many religions, but I don’t trust the people who control religious organizations. Power corrupts, and religious corruption is the worst kind. I think it’s important to ask questions, and I don’t trust people who try to answer questions for which they couldn’t possibly have sufficient answers.

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      2. Any organization created by man to control “believers.” Communists, fascists, popes (there we are experiencing a small shift compared to the past) …

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      3. I agree, up to a point. I think a distinction needed to be made between trust and belief. Trust is earned, whereas belief isn’t. The problem with any political organization is that they don’t advertise the negative consequences. But, for any society to function, a modicum of trust in each other is necessary. Otherwise, everyone might as well build castles and prepare to defend them against all comers. Sadly, many billionaires are already doing this, because they fear the backlash they know they deserve—when they could be fixing the world’s problems with their vast resources.

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