be like a eagle…

Full analog process, Canon EOS 500N

One of the memories of Sicily. It’s been a few years since I started paragliding. This image is from Montagna Grande near the city of Trapani. At night we had to explain to the police that we came to Sicily to dive :). I will not forget their strict view and words: No volare… no parapendio !

2 thoughts on “be like a eagle…”

  1. Great experience ! i also have my paragliding licence 🙂 I got it in the ’90-ties and made most of my flights in Austria where I followed school. After about 10 years I quited flying but still have magnificant merories.
    Have safe flights !

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    1. My friend Peter taught me that. Also in the nineties :). I traveled with the wing around the world from Mongolia to Brazil … but then I got married and the flight ended 😁. My license expired, but when I look at the base in the clouds, I always like to remember how the variometer on my leg screamed 😁😁


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