Lilith (next..)

Finally, they left town and the car hit the highway. She realized they were silent. She got a terrible desire to light a cigarette. She looked over seat on the front panel to the ashtray. Pure… misfortune non-smoker. Rebel non-smoker. The long silence seemed rude to her. Indecently long.
“What kind of music do you listen to?” She broke the silence.
“Do you like music?” I like this band. “
“I love music, but I admit I listen to a lot of music.”
“I listen to everything – every music has something in it … If nothing else, then the lyrics. It’s inspiring. When we hit the gas station, I’ll stop and light it if you’re not in a hurry. “
“Not at all, I thought you were a non-smoker. I also feel like a cigarette.”
“I would still stop at a nearby rest stop. But no one lives there and I don’t want you to be afraid of an unknown guy alone “
“As you wish – I’m not afraid of you”
“I read somewhere that men are in far greater danger if they are alone with a woman.”
“Really? … Where?”
“I won’t tell you anymore – it’s been a long time. So the gas station or the rest area?”
“It doesn’t matter what comes first. And at the gas station, there should be no smoking “
The tapping of the turn signal relay announced a close turn. He drove to the rest area. So that it can be seen from all sides.
He offered her a cigarette.
“Thanks, I’ve got mine.” He seemed she smaller behind the wheel.
“OK” – he took a cigarette out of the box and lit it. She too. They stood by the car and smoked silently.
“Quite a hallucination,” she said. He looked in her direction curiously at what he meant.
“First hitchhike and hit the car that goes where you need to get.”
“Yes,” he admitted. “… And I usually take a different route. Not that
where you hitchhiked. You have it like by plane. Direct line”
“Or your hallucination” – he smiled. A pack of cigarettes fell to the ground. He reached for her. The jacket rolled up on his back and she saw the butt of a weapon.

“Why are you carrying a pistol?”
“It’s not a pistol – it’s a revolver. Somehow I became convinced that I could hardly protect the ID card … don’t worry. “
“Why are you carrying it? Are you a cop? Secret? ”
“I’m not. Am I an ordinary guy? ”
“Ordinary guys aren’t armed .”
“you don’t know them. The most ordinary ones usually do. ”
“I don’t believe – my father is an ordinary guy and he doesn’t carry a gun.”
“Does your father seem ordinary to you?”
“So you see – he isn’t ordinary, ‘I yes,….don’t worry. Will you come with me or will you stop someone else? ”
“I’m not afraid. I’ll go.”
“On the way we’ll stop for lunch somewhere – maybe you’re hungry!”
“Direct line with escort for lunch”. Thanks. I’m not hungry. And they rarely do couscous anyway. ”
They got back in the car.
“Don’t forget the belt – it’s really a stupid sound,” he said, looking in the mirror to see if it was fastening.
“Do you like couscous?” I don’t need him much. So far, all attempts to make delicious food from it have ended infamously. “
“You just can taste it – it takes a little imagination”
“Imagination? I would never say that I miss him. “
“Do you prefer sweet food or savory?”
“Sweet-salty, spicy – and now I’m wondering what you’re going to make of it,” he replied amusedly.
“Don’t worry, I’ll give it.” Can you have a lemon in that? ”
“Can … lemon is OK”
“The result will be reminiscent of Malaysian cuisine – do you like fish?”
“Like? ….. I love – you don’t even know how much”
She pulled a small notebook, an ordinary pencil, from her bag and began writing. “It will be good – you will see”
“I promise I’ll try the recipe then”

Lilith … (next part)

“Hello. Will you take me? ”She hurried to the car, which stopped.
“Sure, but I’m going to eXCity, so I don’t know if it’s in your direction.”
“Yes, yes.” So can I? ”
“Get on.”
“Can I sit to back?”
“Sit where you want ‘
“At the back …because of the bag.” there would be no place in front. You know … “
“Like I say … where you want – and put your seat belt on, don’t let the car whine – I don’t know where it turns off.”
For the second time since morning, she carefully closed the door, fastened her seat belt, and waited impatiently for the car to start.
“So where do you want to throw it?” He turned his head over his shoulder.
“To eXCity ..”
“Seriously? So we’ll go all the way together… ”- well, at least it’ll run away, he thought. He muted the car radio. The car started.
“I’m going to eXCity to see a friend. We haven’t seen each other in a long time. And you? ”
“I’m going to eXCity for work – I’m actually moving there.”
“Are you moving? With the one bag?”
“It was fast and I don’t need any more…”
Of course. Man really don’t need much “
She watched her disappear before her eyes, the place she knew so well.
“Do you hitchhike often?”
“No. I’m the first time “
“First? And aren’t you afraid? ”
“No. I should?”
“Well, definitely not for me – but still … moving with a trail. ..I hitchhiked often…. But no one ever stopped me… but it was a different time. I wore long hair at the time, which was not completely normal at the time, so I didn’t blame anyone. “
“Did you wear long hair? “- she looked at the dozen guy behind the wheel.” I can’t imagine you with long hair “
“It was such a time – you won’t run into rebels much today. There weren’t many ways to peek out of the crowd. “
“Were you a rebel?” She asked amusedly. “You don’t look like that”
“So rebel.” They considered me a rebel. For others, man is who others consider him to be, not who he is. ”
“Aren’t you?”
“Then I have no idea – he’s actually stolen from me, who else I think who I am”
“So you’re still”
“Maybe so to himself – the rebellion needs an audience and I’m not looking for crowds anymore”
“Yup, it goes with a age,” she slipped. She wondered if she could upset him as a reminder of his age differences.
He laughed. “So… with age… young rebel, old donkey”
“Not at all”