Lilith (next..)

Finally, they left town and the car hit the highway. She realized they were silent. She got a terrible desire to light a cigarette. She looked over seat on the front panel to the ashtray. Pure… misfortune non-smoker. Rebel non-smoker. The long silence seemed rude to her. Indecently long.
“What kind of music do you listen to?” She broke the silence.
“Do you like music?” I like this band. “
“I love music, but I admit I listen to a lot of music.”
“I listen to everything – every music has something in it … If nothing else, then the lyrics. It’s inspiring. When we hit the gas station, I’ll stop and light it if you’re not in a hurry. “
“Not at all, I thought you were a non-smoker. I also feel like a cigarette.”
“I would still stop at a nearby rest stop. But no one lives there and I don’t want you to be afraid of an unknown guy alone “
“As you wish – I’m not afraid of you”
“I read somewhere that men are in far greater danger if they are alone with a woman.”
“Really? … Where?”
“I won’t tell you anymore – it’s been a long time. So the gas station or the rest area?”
“It doesn’t matter what comes first. And at the gas station, there should be no smoking “
The tapping of the turn signal relay announced a close turn. He drove to the rest area. So that it can be seen from all sides.
He offered her a cigarette.
“Thanks, I’ve got mine.” He seemed she smaller behind the wheel.
“OK” – he took a cigarette out of the box and lit it. She too. They stood by the car and smoked silently.
“Quite a hallucination,” she said. He looked in her direction curiously at what he meant.
“First hitchhike and hit the car that goes where you need to get.”
“Yes,” he admitted. “… And I usually take a different route. Not that
where you hitchhiked. You have it like by plane. Direct line”
“Or your hallucination” – he smiled. A pack of cigarettes fell to the ground. He reached for her. The jacket rolled up on his back and she saw the butt of a weapon.

“Why are you carrying a pistol?”
“It’s not a pistol – it’s a revolver. Somehow I became convinced that I could hardly protect the ID card … don’t worry. “
“Why are you carrying it? Are you a cop? Secret? ”
“I’m not. Am I an ordinary guy? ”
“Ordinary guys aren’t armed .”
“you don’t know them. The most ordinary ones usually do. ”
“I don’t believe – my father is an ordinary guy and he doesn’t carry a gun.”
“Does your father seem ordinary to you?”
“So you see – he isn’t ordinary, ‘I yes,….don’t worry. Will you come with me or will you stop someone else? ”
“I’m not afraid. I’ll go.”
“On the way we’ll stop for lunch somewhere – maybe you’re hungry!”
“Direct line with escort for lunch”. Thanks. I’m not hungry. And they rarely do couscous anyway. ”
They got back in the car.
“Don’t forget the belt – it’s really a stupid sound,” he said, looking in the mirror to see if it was fastening.
“Do you like couscous?” I don’t need him much. So far, all attempts to make delicious food from it have ended infamously. “
“You just can taste it – it takes a little imagination”
“Imagination? I would never say that I miss him. “
“Do you prefer sweet food or savory?”
“Sweet-salty, spicy – and now I’m wondering what you’re going to make of it,” he replied amusedly.
“Don’t worry, I’ll give it.” Can you have a lemon in that? ”
“Can … lemon is OK”
“The result will be reminiscent of Malaysian cuisine – do you like fish?”
“Like? ….. I love – you don’t even know how much”
She pulled a small notebook, an ordinary pencil, from her bag and began writing. “It will be good – you will see”
“I promise I’ll try the recipe then”

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