Lilith (IV)

The silence in the car, disturbed only by the muffled music and the noise of the tires. As she carefully selected the ingredients of the recipe, he stared motionlessly in front of him. He wondered when was the last time he exchanged so many sentences with someone. Year? Last time… but it doesn’t matter. Now or before. It’s not bad to talk here and there. Especially not to cry nonsense. Keep the conversation in this tone. She shouldn’t have seen the weapon – that’s a mistake. It will be a clue in her memory. He didn’t care for anyone to remember him for too long. It’s too long it’s too long. And most importantly not to… do not spoil her imagination. Make the most of her consciousness like a gray mouse. She will meet a lot of them in her life, so one mouse more or one mouse less….

“That’s it, I hope you enjoy it. It takes longer to write than to prepare “- she grinned at his back and handed him the described torn sheet from the recipe block.

“Thank you – I’ll really try it” – he picked up the ticket, folded it between his fingers and tucked it in his breast pocket.

“There will be a gas station in a moment, so I’ll stop again”

“Sure, I’m just a passenger – if you want to stop.”

Should I stop if I want to? What did she mean? Probably as she said… nothing more, nothing less. Don’t think about it.

“You can bounce or light it. I’ll only buy cigarettes and chewing gum”.

“OK – I’ll stay in the car”

He drove into the parking lot behind the gas station building and turned off the engine.

“I’ll be right back”

“I’m fine I’m not in a hurry”

He got out of the car and headed for the market.

She sat motionless for a moment, looking around the interior. Really nothing to see, the radio could let play…. In the compartment of his door, she saw a package of Ferrero Rocher and a few crumpled cigarette boxes. He left the keys in the ignition. She got an idea….

He left the market and unwrapped cellophane on a pack of cigarettes. He hated this useless piece of packaging. He headed for the parking lot. The car he arrived in didn’t stand there. He looked around to make sure there was no other parking lot with his car. It’s not. He realized it slowly. He laughed. Today’s second mistake… pretty. Pretty expensive recipe. Girl, if that couscous isn’t to be eaten, you have a problem.

“So, sir, and now we’ll find out how ordinary you are,” she said amusedly behind the wheel of a moving car.