Lilith (V)

He pulled a phone from his pocket. “Hi my car” waited for the GPS tracking application to start. Fine… she goes in the direction of eXCity. At least.

“Hi BF”. He listened to the ringing tone, longer than he was used to.

“Hello sir” – BF said.

“Hi man, minor complications on the way – I’ll be there a little later”

“Some trouble?!

“No, nothing worth talking about. I just got a taste for couscous, so I’ll stay shopping…. “

“Couscous? … Dude, you’re starting to scare me – is this a new trend now?”

“Keep calm. Delay 30 minutes… hour at most.


“I’ll be in touch, bye.”

He took out a cigarette and lit it.

“Hi Bixby… call George” – the second side picked up the call almost immediately

“I’m listening”

“Saddle the horses and pick me up at the 76th exit on eXCity. Now.”

“OK. Give me 15 minutes … where are we going? ”

“Somewhere for couscous.”

“What? …” – he could imagine his expression – “..I’ll be there in a moment.”

“OK. I’ll wait. “

He hid the phone, leaned against the 76th building, and looked like a poker player. The player who announced the draw. He wondered if he had missed something – except that he underestimated it again. Somehow it was, somehow it will be. Are there any days when nothing abnormal happens?

George arrived with his second cigarette. He stopped right next to him. He crushed a cigarette on the peeling Happy Journey sign and got in the car.

” Where it will be?”

“If you have a full tank, then eXCity. If not, back to the stand. “

“Everything is as it should be.”

“Let’s go, calm down and buy a tree in the car. It stinks like a russian bus with vodka. “

“They have better couscous at eXCity than here?” George did not forgive the question. “That was a joke, wasn’t it?”

“I can’t tell jokes and that’s why I don’t tell them…”

“OK – we’ll go for couscous” when the cops stop us, I can tell them … gentlemens, I’m sorry for the fast ride, but we’re in a hurry – we’re going for couscous … this gentleman is dependent on him. Then they let me breathe… and they’ll do a drug test on you… .. ”

“I didn’t say we were in a hurry – just to take me away”

“You’re in a great mood!”

“I am in a great mood. I just can’t look like that

like a monkey… or God knows what kind you are. ”

“Then we will go like two decent gentlemen.” That will look perfectly normal, ”said George sarcastically. It will be fun again.

“Let’s go before six at eXCity at the latest.”

“Are they closing up a health food store at six?”

“At six, monkeys like you close … turn on the radio and drive,” and open the window. You stink like a moonshiner. ”

He picked up the phone. “Bixby? Search car… I’ll see if we’re going right “- he said rather to himself. She kept the right direction…. he kept watching her on the screen. It was more interesting than listening to George. He remembered the recipe. He reached into his pocket. He put the phone in his lap and opened a folded piece of paper with a recipe for the most expensive couscous in his life. He stared at him blankly for a moment… he picked up the phone again and typed in the phone number that was written on the ticket…

The phone rang for a moment….

“Please,” a woman’s voice said.

“What if I didn’t open the recipe?”

“So you would just an ordinary guy with a gun..”

“You would run out of fuel while driving quietly to the next gas station, but you drove faster. According to GPS, you’re about 30 miles ahead of Shell … you’ll have to walk a short distance … I always get gasoline exactly… “

“It works … I’m half lighter than you.”

Not stupid, he had to admit.

“Besides, I think you’re glad you don’t drive… Am I wrong? That’s not how Ambi Pur smells … is it? I’m sure you didn’t call the cops. “

“So the score is two …”

“Come on … it’s not a race … it’s just a service in return … you wanted to take me safely … you ripped the thorn off my heel … in return I would take the car where it was needed. “

“I invite you to couscous”

“Do you try to get off me by couscous? ” she laughed.

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