Lilith (VI)

George stared blankly at A – “What the fuck are you talking about that grain?”

He covered the phone with his hand and shouted to his friend – “Geoegi, if you keep quiet all the way, you have a box of vodka with me.”

“Are you there?” He asked the phone. Silence. Hush. No answer…

“George,speed up.”

“That’s well,” George said, stepping on the gas with satisfaction.

“Hi Bixby search car …” – he didn’t even wait for the application to start … he turned off the phone and hid it in his pocket. He looked at the “recipe” with scribbled flowers.


She bluffed. It wasn’t even a minute before she walked to the gas station. She was in sight. Maybe not a mile.

She waved at a passing car. Unsympathetic guy with a sloth visage with hairy hands.

“I just need a gas station here.” drought in the tank. “

“Sit down.”

“I’m driving short time… I thought it would work. But you see, it didn’t work out. ”She tried to speak so as not to leave room for questions.

“Still, it’s nice … thank you, you’re nice” – good for pretty girls. Then they can, go crazy with willingness, she thought.

“I refueled in the morning, so if want to throw you back at the car?” There is a exit on the highway in the opposite direction… “- he offered.

“That would be a great thank you. I’ll be right back. “

They sell a canister at every gas station. Canisters for those who thought it be all ok.

“Would you like some coffee?” The cashier asked her.

“Thank you, I’m in a hurry – I’ll refuel in it, I’ll take for a five bucks”

She reached the stand. She slipped the credit card into the reader. Gasoline or diesel? Damn. What is his car going for? There is no time…

… .. I always take gasoline accurately – she heard his voice in her head. Uf… he said everything about himself. She refueled too. One and a half gallons. She didn’t keep the little one in the spirit of the staff. She was in a hurry.

“Then we can go if you’ll so kind” – and she put on the kindest smile from category 1.

“Yes, we’ll be right there,” their hairy hands said.

How much time could I lose? Maximum 10 minutes – she counted. She had no idea if she had a head start. But when he called me, he shouted at someone – he was probably already sitting in the car – so there’s not much time.

“Stop me here – I climb the barrier.”

“It’s just a short walk to the next exit.”


She looked like an ordinary girl with a gun in her hand. And she wasn’t smiling. Certainly not.

He stopped at the curb without a word.