Lilith (VII)

He stopped at the curb without a word.

“Thank you – you helped me a lot – you have it with me” – she smiled again.

“Rather not.”

“Thank you,” she winked at him.

“Thank you too,” the sloth beeped

She ran to the barriers. She looked around and ran to the car. She gave the thirsty car a drink.

“You have to endure this for a while when your boss a greedy man,” she said to the vehicle. She left the empty canister on the road. It took a while for the pump to deliver fuel to the nozzles. The engine caught for the third time. And go..go. She could afford to go fast. Less than two gallons to the eXcity will suffice. She push on the music player. He said he listened to everything. So let’s see what else. She watched the traffic on the road. Wow .. are you listening to this too? She listed the song and

press playback… .Haciendo el amor a la misma que tu teca, Bebe no te pasa… Singing with her.


The battery is almost empty – he read on the display. Damn.

“What is the day today?”

“Tuesday – why?”

“Ah, that’s how it fits” – just a classic Tuesday – I just shouldn’t even turn on the microwave on Tuesdays.

“Do you have a charger?”

„?? Martina? You know her. Why?”

“Phone charger – moron, you’re incredible”

“Joke. It’s in the compartment in front of you… ”- George had fun at his expense.

He opened the partition. Desert eagle. Gun magazines. 0.50 AE IMI. No charger.

“You don’t have… just a pile of iron .”

“There must be …”

“So I’m probably blind.” wait, she’s here… you have a mess like a woman in a handbag. I hope it works. “

“She should – if you have the right connector”

“I can see it all wrong now. We’ll be at the gas station in a minute. I’ll try to get the right cable “

“Take my phone.”

“I can’t keep track of what I want to watch on your phone” – he wondered if he should announce that the nice girl had left him with the car. He doesn’t have to know everything. I would then listen to that for the rest of my life – he rejected the idea.

“Did you see the canister?”


“The canister on the road… looked forgotten”

“When you see a phone charger lying on the road, I’ll be interested – I don’t care about the canister.”

Georg drove into the parking lot.

“I’ll be right back” – he realized that he had said this sentence once before, and it wasn’t fast enough.

“Don’t go anywhere … wait for me.”

“Sure … I’ll wait until the door closes behind you and I’ll go to eXCity quickly to buy you all the couscous”

“Dude, don’t even move”

He just walked into the store, called the attendant – Hello – do you have phone chargers? “

“We’re a little gas station, I don’t think this will be here,” said the girl with the Shell headdress, “You’ll have to go to the citiy.”

“Okay, at least I’ll take this” – he grabbed Jack’s bottle, paid, got back in the car.

“Decent – I don’t think they had a charger,” George commented.

“They haven’t. Go!”

He unscrewed the cap and a good quarter of the bottle was gone. He looked at the phone. The battery indicator showed uncompromisingly that there was no point in wanting Bixby.

“Yeah, that’s why you need a driver today – Jack,” George laughed

“The devil knows what I need – I don’t know, but thanks for coming right away”

“Is something eating you?”

“I wouldn’t say that – I just forgot to have fun, to enjoy … I guess. There is less and less to enjoy. “

“Do you remember your words?”

“My words? … I’ve screwed up too much in my life to guess which one…”

“You really only enjoy your own death.”

“There are a lot of things that you can’t achieve in life, a lot of things will pass you by, even those you almost reached for – so why not enjoy what you will definitely achieve, enjoy something that you will not miss. “
” A lesson of philosophy – A lot of people are yours bullshit is fun and scary at the same time – I’m not sure how many times you mean it either “
” Only fantasies – people are scared only by their own construction of things – I have a negligible role in that. “
” Will you tell them? “
” Why? … Why? stealing fantasy? I’m just trying to wake up the imagination… “

” I’m completely impressed … when I see you with Jack “- George chuckled.

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