Lilith (VIII)

“You don’t even know how happy you are.”

“Why do you think I don’t know … don’t underestimate … your words too …”

“Just words … like the Navajo code … you never know who’s listening to you … watching … you’re always interested in someone.”

“Big brother?” “Brother, sister, anyone … analyzers. But only a few people can translate it … they’re on the same page … Imagine you only have a few words to describe everything in the world.”

“Something like Apollo 13? Do you have this and do we need to make this?”

“Like … you just have to be able to make absolutely everything … absolutely everything, just what you have at your disposal. The evolution of experience.”

“For example?”

“Maybe I can only use words like Joker and piano …”

“I don’t understand”

“Well, you see – there are people who understand – they know exactly what I’m saying.”

“So what is it in your language?”


“So you need to say fantasies, you say Joker and piano … right?”


“So you probably already know why so many people don’t have fun with you …”

“I know – I don’t mind – sometimes.”

“Does it bother you or not?”

“It’s just a tax”

“Any coded phrase again?”

“No. Why? ”
“ Just like that… You and the tax sound the same as the Joker and the piano. ”
“ Well, you see, you’ve just created your own language. ”
“ I’ll stay with mine. “

“It’ll stay in your brain forever anyway … believe me… “

” And what does it mean … we’re going to eX for couscous? “
“You wouldn’t understand … and I really don’t underestimate you.”
“Dude, maybe for You, I’ll buy couscous too … I like it … I watch you get drunk, but I feel drunk.”

“I’m not drunk”

“I didn’t say that”

“And it doesn’t matter if you think it!”

“I’d rather not think about anything anymore – as if you ever read your mind.”

“..You overestimate.”

“No – I just don’t underestimate.”

“Only variations and combinations of probabilities of possible… Do you know how many slaps cost one caress?”

“Dude, a lot?”

“More than a lot… so much that you think you can’t take another…”

“Well, I don’t care about such a caress.”

“It’s not about reward at all.” It’s about the journey. “

“Oh my God, let’s be there.” Finally eX “- George almost shouted with relief –

“..Is a moment and I’m going out of my mind about you.”

“Maybe you lost him a long time ago …”

Certainly not me, George thought.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Go to …. Where now?”

“Here, for example. You go back. ‘I’ll take a walk.’ I still don’t know where couscous is sold here. “

“I don’t have to understand everything – not really. Should I pick you up somewhere then? ”

“I’ll let you know if I know.”

“I’m throwing you downtown.”

“Okay. I’ll leave you the rest of Jack … and borrow an iron from you … “

“Do you go to couscous with iron? Don’t you have yours? ”

“I have … with six’s. More arguments may be needed. “

“Do you want to help?”

“No … maybe I want to enjoy it.”

“Be careful.” Desert Eagl makes realy big couscous of everything. And you can’t play your Russian roulette… dude. ”

George stopped just behind the police car. The proverb about the lamp and the darkness is verified. A thousand times.

“All right – and if nothing.”

“As always,” I’ll burn like a holy picture in my hands. “

He got out of the car and headed past the police car to the department store. They didn’t even look up from their cell phones. There will be a gray mouse among humans. He turned on the phone and it beeped goodbye three times. And it is done. BF is God knows where and nothing has been agreed upon. He scanned the square quickly to see if he could see his car.