Lilith (IX)

She was guided to the center by navigation. She drove through the square and parked in one of the adjacent streets. Seamlessly. There was more than enough space everywhere. Alone in a foreign city.

She didn’t want to do anything until she returned the car to the owner. He didn’t call, which was weird. She wasted her time looking at shop windows with useless things. Uselessness can beautify new places perfectly.

She had a taste right now

get something. Some trifle. Something to remind her of this day. Picture? Cup? A mug is not a bad idea. I can make tea in it in the morning… In addition, the glass in which she made tea until yesterday was for shards… and shards in a basket… and a basket in Eden.

Shouldn’t I call him? Tell him where his car is? Yeah. I’ll call him where the car is and leave the keys in the car. She pulled a phone from her pocket.

Whore. In the call history, the call with him was an unknown number. Maybe he’ll call himself. He will definitely call. She had to – her head was racing.

“I think you have the keys to my car” – she said from behind her. She had time to put on an unperturbed expression.

“Aren’t you happy?” “It wasn’t safe.” “Now it’s up to you again” – she handed him the car key.
“That’s enough today.”
“I guess so … have you figured out where your couscous is cooking here?” “I’ve been here for a while … I didn’t have that big lead again. And couscous doesn’t cook, it’s getting ready …” – she instructed him.

“Where is the car?”

“In one of those alleys to the square,” I’d say there, “she said, pointing to her chin.

“I thought you could track your car.”

“If I have a charged phone, then ..”

“That’s why…” she understood.

“You’re going to show me where you left him – just in case.”

“Don’t you believe me?”

“I’ve done that once before.”

“You owe me …”

“For what?”

“For parking.” five bucks… have that half an hour for a dollar .. ”

“Shall we settle for the car? Consent?”

“All right – I’m kidding – I’m glad I got here so fast. It was fun…”

“Well, how for whom.”

“Did you feel helpless? At the wall?”


“A car stuffed with cannabis, or magic.” you can’t call the cops… stupid situation… it was careless of you .. “

“From me? You’ll see for yourself that I could call them right away. You just showed me my weaknesses. You scored in that. Your game was fun. But there’s something in that car that I really don’t want to lose. I’ll show you something at the car “- he laughed. She probably didn’t find it…

“And I’ll go to lunch here – if you don’t refuse,” he said as they passed the hotel restaurant.

“Maybe they have your goodness on offer”

“Maybe not…”

“So if you want to find out, I’ll invite you.” I ate last time yesterday morning and I will definitely go to lunch … “

EXCity is a magical place full of useless things, full of shop windows of useless things differing only in material, shape or color. They passed crowded shop windows. Baubles, whores, casinos… everything for residents and visitors of eX.

On the opposite side he saw a florist – I still have to buy those lilies – he realized.

“You see – he’s standing there,” she interrupted the flow of his thoughts.

“I’ll just see if everything is as it should be – and you’ll probably be surprised.”

“Surprise is never enough.” But only the pleasant ones “

“… and can you distinguish them from each other? Pleasant from unpleasant? ”

“Stupid question – Pleasant is pleasant to me and unpleasant is unpleasant – It’s easy –

“Or selfish … I think everything has a way of being pleasant …”

He opened the car… “Do you see anything illegal somewhere?”

She peeked into the car again. Yeah, it has to be here… “Can’t you smell it?”

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