Lilith (X)

“and what should it smell like here?? …. You mean this?” – he removed the air freshener from the ventilation grille and let she smell it.

“Is that what you mean?” He asked. “It’s my colleague’s product. They make a living by developing new perfumes… they don’t smell bad, do they? His intention was to be cologne, with cannabis extract… I think the variety is called Desfrán … it’s a strange fruity sweet with citrus tones and with a hint of cannabis… it’s fresh… ”he smiled at her.

She didn’t seem surprised – she was surprised, she was convinced she had a Royal flash.

“The important thing in that car – that’s this” – and bundles of bills peeked out of the compartment under the armrest. Definitely a hundred thousand dollars – maybe more. Bens, Bens, Bens….

“Not the money, but under them” – he gradually pulled out all the bundles of banknotes and pulled a small plastic bag from the bottom of the compartment. The one used by dealers…. And there were a few fish scales in the bag.

“That was the most important thing in that car… These fish scales’ bring me luck.”

“You’re weird” – she still stared at the bundles of bills in disbelief. They would suit her for a new beginning.

“Why? Money has no lasting value – only immediate – there are places where you can’t buy anything for it. “

“But you can’t buy anything for fish scales either'”

“Sure” but money doesn’t bring happiness. ” at least not for me. The money is yours.

“And what category is this surprise from? Good … bad? ”

“I can’t take it … it’s not possible. It’s a pile of money, “she said.

“Have you ever seen a pile of money?” he asked her.

“Yup now.”
“I mean a real pile of money – I saw a very big pile. Several piles… and none stood no one happy. But I also saw a lot of luck with a few scales. “

Fairy tales… fairy tales – she repeated in her mind.

“Maybe not.” He replied to her thoughts. “That’s why I offer you to take them – maybe you will get what you really need for them – rent an apartment, buy equipment, whatever it will be enough for. Maybe in a year we can meet and tell me how much happiness they brought, okay? ”

“I can’t – not that they won’t help me now – but I just can’t.” – she didn’t even notice what he was reacting to.

“Well, if that’s not possible, I’ll have to leave with your pile of money now,” and that will bother me. Believe… I can’t keep them now… ”
“ What do you want for it?? Sex? Aren’t you a pervert? …. Or something? ”She looked at him a second time anxiously.

“You watch movies a lot,” he laughed. “Life is not a comic.”

“So what’s the point?”

“You already deserved them. I paid for a lesson in reality… and for that momentary feeling of happiness it was worth … “

“What if I don’t come anywhere in a year?”

“Then I’ll hope you’re okay.”

“You’re weird – aren’t you?”

“Everyone is like you.”

“I don’t believe you want anything …”

“So if you want, you can make me your couscous.”

“It won’t be right away, but – I have to get housing, work first”

“I thought you had a plan – that you were just moving – not that you ‘re on the escape -“

“I do not want to talk about it…”

“Respect… but in that case they will be more than useful to you…”

“I can’t … I don’t want to learn to be grateful,” committed “

“Are you grateful to your employer when you get paid?”

“It’s just too much.”

“They just used to pay little…maybe ‘”

“So you’re saying they’re” okay … I’ll put them in my bag now and I’ll go “and you won’t do anything – Do I understand correctly?”


“As you wish…” – she walked around the car and sat in the passenger seat. She put the bag on her lap, unzipped it, and began stacking bundles of money. She watched him to see if he was doing anything, but she didn’t see him head-standing, too close to the car. She could only see him pull a lighter out of his pocket.

He set it on fire. He saw her unzip the bag and bundle by bundle disappeared inside her. In the bag, he saw only quality hi-fi headphones and a Ferrero Rocher package. He leaned over to see the compartment in his door. His Ferrero Rocher package was not there. Everything is as it should be.

So done. She fastened her bag and didn’t know what to do next – she didn’t feel happy. The guy’s right… what kind of guy is he? – She thought. She didn’t want to get out of the car.

“Do you want to throw somewhere?” He bent down and peered into the car.

“What’s the matter with you? … Are you not feeling well??” he asked cautiously. “You are very pale”

“I’m hungry and I don’t know what to do … now.”

“I’m sure I know what to do with the first” when we solve the first, let’s try the second “

He closed the driver’s door and walked around the car to her side. Before he walked around him, she slammed the door on her side and tried to lock it. She panicked.

He shook his head, dropped his cigarette, opened the back door, and sat behind her.

“Is anything wrong?”

She was silent. She just leaned back in her seat. The adrenaline level she woke up with in the morning was just showing a free fall.

“Hello … Is something wrong?

“I don’t know … doesn’t happen to you?”
He realized the car smelled different. He still held a cannabis freshener in his hand.
“I’ll just put the freshener back on the grille, don’t worry” – he leaned over the seats and returned it to the grille. She smelled. Iris, tangerine, rose… beautiful scent. “Or not. I’ll put him back in the door. You smell so much better. You have a taste… You smell beautiful. ”
“ Do you like it? ”
“ I don’t know… it smells nice. So, are we going to lunch? Maybe you’re just hungry for it – you probably have enough today, don’t you? “

“Can I leave a bag here?”

“Of course..”

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