16 thoughts on “the swamp begins to freeze…”

      1. Well yes that would be really kind of you. When someone says they like your work and you are asked to reply I feel lost. What do they like of it? If they comment that is easier. Then you are invited to see their posts and those that are on the list you either have seen or may not like. What then? Sorry 😞 I do want to learn tho’. I also don’t understand mojis and sometimes feel overwhelmed by lots of love, sad hey? Is this Enough?🤣🤣

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      2. Really, not everyone read the whole posts. Status is granted perhaps out of sympathy or for some other reason. The one who really likes your contribution will also give a comment. I prefer these bloggers. And I respond to such. I know I can’t read or see everything I want to see. I really choose.🌹🌹🌹


      3. Ah! OK so I won’t try and give an answer to a like on my “wall” but when I like someone else’s post I will continue to say something. I have noticed when someone likes a whole lot of my work at once I feel sad. Ah! Thank you this was honest and helpful! Sorry this is spoiling the appreciation for your work on the “Thawing of the swamp.”

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      4. That’s okay, Sandy. I’m an old guy who doesn’t deal with what and why much anymore. I’m not a typical blogger. I just take it as fun and entertainment and I do what I enjoy. I like to look at photos … of our efforts😘🌹🌞🌜🌞🌻


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