Lilith (XI)

“Of course..”

He got out of the car, out of habit, looked around, and opened her door. The street looked safe.

“It’s just a short walk and you’ll be fine.”

“Somehow it hit me …”

“It will be nice to see …”

“I was not in a restaurant nor do I remember.”

“Let’s see what they have and we sit down.”

He locked the car and they set off.

“Can you do it? … Don’t you want to lean?”

“No..thanks. I’m better now ”- yet she automatically accepted the offered frame.

“Hold on a second. I forgot to hit the phone on the charger… “

“without a phone even a step?”

“Sure, and all the while he’s on the charger, my steps will be without him …” he grinned.

“I will go with you.”

“Don’t worry – I won’t even touch your bags”

“It never occurred to me – I just don’t want to be alone on the street.”

They reached the car, put the phone on the charger, and go back to the restaurant. From a distance, they looked like a couple. Up close as well. A perfect delusion.

“Anything to drink?” The waiter asked as they sat down at a table in the corner.

“What will you want?” He asked her.

“Strawberry juice – or sorry – iced tea – green,” she replied.

“And for the master?”

“Wine… red ust Australia ..Syrah?”

“Will you eat too?”

“Yes” – there was a unison.

“I’ll be right back with an offer”

“Will you drink wine? Won’t you drive today? ”

“I should never have had alcohol – I’m still in the car”

“What if the police stop you?”

“”When the cage falls, it will always be worth it, I always want to live deservedly and, depending on how I like it, not how I can survive under some rules”

“Don’t you follow any rules?”

“I only follow 10 rules and they are enough for a happy life”

“Have you never broken them? “

“You can never break anything, you just don’t have to move too far – don’t make new rules.”

The waiter brought a glass of iced tea, lime, crushed ice and a glass of wine. “

“Bring me the whole bottle, so that you also have peace,” he offered the waiter

“It’s my job – I don’t mind, sir,” he replied politely

“Can you tell me something about yourself?” She asked as the attendant left.

“What are you interested in?”

“I’m a woman – I’m interested in everything.” “

“Anything specific? Profession… life ..? ”

“Something – just say something – you can talk -“

“”I don’t know how to talk amusingly about boring things – I’m a gray mouse..”

“Gray mouse giving money?”

“I don’t give – I let them earn … but they have no value. You know it for yourself. Ordinary things make me happy …and they are not things in the true sense of the word either. It’s more of the feelings I devote the most to. “


“Maybe I love … and I admit to being completely selfish ‘to make you happy. You don’t even know how terribly pleasant it is to think that you will make you happy. Unfortunately, one often has to guess. And in that, it’s my selfishness… and I know it. It’s complicated…”

“Selfish benevolent man?””If it doesn’t work out,” I won’t stop doing something that does me good. One must not stop thinking about oneself – when you do, you just give up and then there will be nothing to give. There is nothing left. It should be in balance. But it doesn’t always work – sometimes you have to – you don’t actually have to, but it can happen that a person reacts too quickly – and then it goes wrong. The balance arms swing… “

“Do you speak like Libra?” Are You Libra? I mean the constellation… “

“Is that how you see it?”

“Even if you can answer quickly,” these are the ones, “I’m sorry,” mentoring shit. Lecture other without touching anyone. I would say typical Libra”

“So the truth is, people, without distinction, are proud of their sign, and then they let themselves be influenced by what someone writes about them. It’s just psychology. “

“Do you know what sign I am?”

“Can I try to guess?”

“Well, on purpose”

“Wait – I’ll try to remember all your reactions – Fish?”

“No way … I’m not a fish…”

“I give up.”

“I’m a shark. I’ll bite if needed.