back in to the night sky …

I can’t wait for the night sky to be full of stars again. It’s been cloudy here for over a month. Perhaps I will be able to take pictures of Comet Leonard, which is currently flying through the constellation Canes Venatici. I can’t wait…
Before I manage, I will remind you of a very slow flight of an object through the Pleiades star cluster. The flight lasted almost 20 minutes. The video is composed of 8 shots

see My universe…

© Mic . All photos are my own.
No usage allowed in any form without my written consent.

13 thoughts on “back in to the night sky …”

    1. I’m back after looking at your “Universe” link. 🙂 Wow wow wow! I loved your photos, Mic, your night work is awesome!! Really made me ponder the beauty, the unknown…. 😊

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      1. Thank You dear Donna 😘 This year, the night sky doesn’t wish me much … nice nights could be counted on the fingers of one hand

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