Lilith (XIII)

“Do I evoke the feeling of a guy in you? I’m not trying to be him now …”
“It doesn’t look like that …”
“So I can switch to dumb mode … I’m doing pretty well … by itself”
“I wouldn’t go to lunch with a dumb … even if” she recalled.
“I guess we have something to talk about … what it looks like.”
“Why don’t you shave?”
“Maybe to make me look more serious… older … or I’m lazy … something from everyone.” “Do you want to look older? You don’t have to … you are” – she looked at him with those eyes. She knew exactly what it looked like. Heavy caliber.
“You like to provoke, don’t you?”
“No, I want to see you … in fact, only now do I have the opportunity and the courage to take a good look at you.”
“In that case, I dare to watch too … without permission I would not dare… fucking rules.” “Are you affraid?”
“Should I be afraid??”
“Maybe a fish bone in your throat will catch you” – she said with a clear ambiguity. “The shark has no bones … but I didn’t know it had such beautiful eyes.” “You want to pack me … don’t you?”
“I want to have another wine …” “You should have that tea … rather …. Maybe you really put something in it …”
“I’ll give … I’ll try tea … I’ll fall asleep than they bring him .. “
” Are you tired? ” “Well … maybe not even … just … but nothing…”

The waiter brought something in a cart covered with a large chrome hatch. “Pardon me …” he removed the napkin from her plate, then to him. He opened the hatch … and a portion for about five people appeared beneath him. He picked up the individual pieces with silver tongs and served them to her on a plate. Picture both from a culinary special. He served beautifully colored couscous on a dessert plate. “I have to say, it looks really beautiful.” “Pardon…” – he moved to him. “Thank you – I’ll just taste the couscous.”
The waiter and she looked up in surprise.
“I’ll bring the lobster separately.”
“Why don’t you want to taste anything?”
” I don’t want to spoil the taste of the side dish … I want to know how it tastes … I’m curious … it’s not from you, but I’m looking forward to this one. ” .
The waiter brought the lobster on a tray… and placed it with professional elegance on a vivid picture of the table “Anything else to drink, lady?” “… thank you, I have it, … I think.”
She looked at him ..
“It’s up to you.” Meanwhile, the waiter grabbed a bottle of red and refilled his glass. “And please have some tea… for me.”- he said. A strange company … one red wine and couscous… she tea and luxury from the sea… – thought the waiter.
“I wish you good taste,” the waiter wished, trying not to sound too ironic.
“Can you please bring me a wine glass, too? … Please,” she asked.
In an instant he was back and filled the glass and the lady. “Toast – tea and wine would be barbaric” – she picked up the glass
“A toast to what?”
“Just for nothing” “ yourself … I didn’t even ask you your name …”
“Lil … and you?”
“A” – he replied.
“And what?”
“That’s my name.”
“Is that a nickname? No one’s name is A. “
“You see – don’t spoil the food experience by my name -“
“The fish is great … you should have … but I won’t persuade you.”

“Maybe then… If the couscous isn’t to be eaten …” – but he knew he would praise the food he wouldn’t like. “Salmon? .. it looks right… and fresh it is easy to prepare it well ”- he realized that he started teaching again. I have to reverse gear, he thought.

“I don’t know if I should taste a shark either – I’ll feel like a cannibal …” – she said.
“even a shark soup is great ” — damn, reverse … put reverse gear – he cursed in his mind.
“Yes … she must be good”
“Must or does it? … have you ever tasted it at all?” – she noticed the illogy of the answers.
“Yes… but it’s been so long ago … I just remember I liked it…”
“You’re weird …” “I could say the same thing” – he smiled exaggeratedly. “It’s not bad …” – commented on the couscous . “Don’t you really want to taste it? ”
“ Really no … thank you. ”
“ Who are you? ”
“ Nobody … really. ”
“ How nobody? ”
“ I don’t know. “
“Are you upset?” “Why?” “You’re different from the others I know. You still remind me of someone and I’ll find out who.”
“I’ve never tried oysters,” she changed the subject.
“So I’m curious how you like it.”
“They look weird”
” I’m pretty sure you won’t like it, but you could survive with oysters”
“Survive on oysters.” Like Robinson? ”
“Yes, no eccentricity – just the only food you have available.”
“Like a homeless man stuffed with caviar?” – she was amused by the idea of ​​a man on a station bench holding a small fork with dirty hands and enjoying salted fish in prenatal age. “If he manages to steal it, why not? A bit of a decadent idea – but nothing impossible – unlike absolutely imaginable things that won’t happen. “
“For example?”
“For example,” he wondered if to confide. “Quite a fresh example. It never occurred to me that a girl would steal my car, wait for me at the finish line, and then come to lunch with me.” “This is an unrealistic example, but it has happened. I want to know a real example that will never happen.” – she stared at him.
“OK … maybe I’ll let you pay for this lunch.”
“Do you think I can’t afford it? Now?
“You would offend me …”
“Maybe I want to offend you.” No, I’m kidding. “
“Only you know that.”
“Will you pour me more wine?”
“Yes – but be careful, it’s a strong wine.”
She drank and looked around the table. Almost nothing left the tray. The lobster was waiting.

Lilith (XII)

“A point for you,” he nodded appreciatively.
“Not a draw.”

“Are we competing?” He raised an eyebrow. “You know – I can’t compete much – I’m not a competitive type. Sometimes I switch to predator mode and it’s not good for anyone – I don’t want to compete. “

“Why the Predator?”

“Predator or terminator – and always in the wrong versions.”

“I like the predator… Predator is sympathic for me”

“Sympathic? What? That movie? ”

“Yes. It’s fun … “

“But they want to kill themselves there, don’t they?”

“Predators do that ‘

“Yes – they eliminate – the fastest way to minimize a problem is to eliminate it, but in the long run it’s not the solution.”

“So, I already know about you that you’re weird – and that’s a lot – then that you’re an eliminator.”

“It’s not …just… we’re just constructions in the heads of others. We are all the same me we differ only in imagination… and fantasy is made up of forms of experience. “

“You must be literate.”

“I only read occasionally – when I come across an interesting person and there’s a book about him – and a classic here and there … otherwise not much. The cops don’t like it when others read behind the wheel. “
” … and when alcohol is drunk before the ride “
” So you have to drink while driving. To their question, then answer the truth. Did you drink before the ride? No. The truth does not pursue a goal … unlike a lie.”

“You don’t laugh too often …Why do you think … I look like that?”
“You look more like a teacher … a professor you remember in a good one, rather than a laughing guy.” … do you want me to smile more? “
“Yeah … be natural.”

“Then make me laugh … with something.”
“I stole your chocolate from the compartment in the car …”
“My chocolate? I’m calling copi…” – he looked cruel. They both laughed.
“You choose ?” the waiter interrupted their conversation. “Do you have couscous?”
They laughed again, even though it was clear to them that this had put the waiter in an awkward situation.
“Of course we have” – ​​he replied. They tried not to laugh. It wasn’t about a funny situation … it just dropped the tension, just relaxed the laughter.
“And what would you recommend?”

“The lady will choose” – he told the waiter.
“Is couscous a condition?” – the waiter joined aloud. He looked at her questioningly.
“I like him … but he’s not a condition.”
“I would recommend Neptune Bowl … Sea salmon, shark, lobster, oysters with a decent dressing of wine, lime, caramel and chilli is a specialty of the company.”
“Isn’t that too snobbish?” – she asked the waiter
“It’s delicious and light,” he replied politely. “Side dish of couscous with fresh vegetables?”
“If you’re so kind …” she winked at the attendant.

“I never ate lobster” she told him as he left. “I’ve tasted it a few times … but I usually eat heavier meals … I never know how long I’ll have to put up with it.” “Does it matter that I ordered this?”
“Not at all … there’s no reason not to enjoy the food and maybe the couscous will be good too.” “Sometimes you speak like a book and sometimes you relax … you watch over yourself … once you say it will be good and sometimes it will be ok. I don’t know what fits you more” – she told him.

“You’re attentive and it looks very sincere …”
“I know … it complicates the male world a bit … they don’t know how to react quickly.” “So of course no one shows off their worst qualities … so we look nice, we smile, we play theater …”
“Do you play theater with me …?”
“You don’t give me much time for that … I’m just trying not to keep quiet. I’m nice to talk to you. I don’t mean any encouragement … it’s just nice. In the last year, it’s probably the most sentences I’ve exchanged … “

“Do you like it when someone pity you?”
“Good question … is a person generally happy to be sorry? … Why does a person behave like that …”
“I don’t want to talk about a person … I want to hear a clear answer from you. – she jumped at him.

“I don’t know the feeling … I don’t have much contact with anyone …”
“You poor thing …”
“I didn’t mean that … I did something last year, so I got three years under house arrest. “
“You poor thing” – she repeated provocatively.

“If you knew me, you wouldn’t say it. It was a well-deserved sentence with probation.” “What did you do?”
“He’s too far removed from one rule, but if I tell you about it, I’ll think about it … I see you’re much better.”
“I guess they put something in that tea …” she said casually.
“I’m fine today … almost beautifully … with a stranger guy …”