Lilith (XIII)

“Do I evoke the feeling of a guy in you? I’m not trying to be him now …”
“It doesn’t look like that …”
“So I can switch to dumb mode … I’m doing pretty well … by itself”
“I wouldn’t go to lunch with a dumb … even if” she recalled.
“I guess we have something to talk about … what it looks like.”
“Why don’t you shave?”
“Maybe to make me look more serious… older … or I’m lazy … something from everyone.” “Do you want to look older? You don’t have to … you are” – she looked at him with those eyes. She knew exactly what it looked like. Heavy caliber.
“You like to provoke, don’t you?”
“No, I want to see you … in fact, only now do I have the opportunity and the courage to take a good look at you.”
“In that case, I dare to watch too … without permission I would not dare… fucking rules.” “Are you affraid?”
“Should I be afraid??”
“Maybe a fish bone in your throat will catch you” – she said with a clear ambiguity. “The shark has no bones … but I didn’t know it had such beautiful eyes.” “You want to pack me … don’t you?”
“I want to have another wine …” “You should have that tea … rather …. Maybe you really put something in it …”
“I’ll give … I’ll try tea … I’ll fall asleep than they bring him .. “
” Are you tired? ” “Well … maybe not even … just … but nothing…”

The waiter brought something in a cart covered with a large chrome hatch. “Pardon me …” he removed the napkin from her plate, then to him. He opened the hatch … and a portion for about five people appeared beneath him. He picked up the individual pieces with silver tongs and served them to her on a plate. Picture both from a culinary special. He served beautifully colored couscous on a dessert plate. “I have to say, it looks really beautiful.” “Pardon…” – he moved to him. “Thank you – I’ll just taste the couscous.”
The waiter and she looked up in surprise.
“I’ll bring the lobster separately.”
“Why don’t you want to taste anything?”
” I don’t want to spoil the taste of the side dish … I want to know how it tastes … I’m curious … it’s not from you, but I’m looking forward to this one. ” .
The waiter brought the lobster on a tray… and placed it with professional elegance on a vivid picture of the table “Anything else to drink, lady?” “… thank you, I have it, … I think.”
She looked at him ..
“It’s up to you.” Meanwhile, the waiter grabbed a bottle of red and refilled his glass. “And please have some tea… for me.”- he said. A strange company … one red wine and couscous… she tea and luxury from the sea… – thought the waiter.
“I wish you good taste,” the waiter wished, trying not to sound too ironic.
“Can you please bring me a wine glass, too? … Please,” she asked.
In an instant he was back and filled the glass and the lady. “Toast – tea and wine would be barbaric” – she picked up the glass
“A toast to what?”
“Just for nothing” “ yourself … I didn’t even ask you your name …”
“Lil … and you?”
“A” – he replied.
“And what?”
“That’s my name.”
“Is that a nickname? No one’s name is A. “
“You see – don’t spoil the food experience by my name -“
“The fish is great … you should have … but I won’t persuade you.”

“Maybe then… If the couscous isn’t to be eaten …” – but he knew he would praise the food he wouldn’t like. “Salmon? .. it looks right… and fresh it is easy to prepare it well ”- he realized that he started teaching again. I have to reverse gear, he thought.

“I don’t know if I should taste a shark either – I’ll feel like a cannibal …” – she said.
“even a shark soup is great ” — damn, reverse … put reverse gear – he cursed in his mind.
“Yes … she must be good”
“Must or does it? … have you ever tasted it at all?” – she noticed the illogy of the answers.
“Yes… but it’s been so long ago … I just remember I liked it…”
“You’re weird …” “I could say the same thing” – he smiled exaggeratedly. “It’s not bad …” – commented on the couscous . “Don’t you really want to taste it? ”
“ Really no … thank you. ”
“ Who are you? ”
“ Nobody … really. ”
“ How nobody? ”
“ I don’t know. “
“Are you upset?” “Why?” “You’re different from the others I know. You still remind me of someone and I’ll find out who.”
“I’ve never tried oysters,” she changed the subject.
“So I’m curious how you like it.”
“They look weird”
” I’m pretty sure you won’t like it, but you could survive with oysters”
“Survive on oysters.” Like Robinson? ”
“Yes, no eccentricity – just the only food you have available.”
“Like a homeless man stuffed with caviar?” – she was amused by the idea of ​​a man on a station bench holding a small fork with dirty hands and enjoying salted fish in prenatal age. “If he manages to steal it, why not? A bit of a decadent idea – but nothing impossible – unlike absolutely imaginable things that won’t happen. “
“For example?”
“For example,” he wondered if to confide. “Quite a fresh example. It never occurred to me that a girl would steal my car, wait for me at the finish line, and then come to lunch with me.” “This is an unrealistic example, but it has happened. I want to know a real example that will never happen.” – she stared at him.
“OK … maybe I’ll let you pay for this lunch.”
“Do you think I can’t afford it? Now?
“You would offend me …”
“Maybe I want to offend you.” No, I’m kidding. “
“Only you know that.”
“Will you pour me more wine?”
“Yes – but be careful, it’s a strong wine.”
She drank and looked around the table. Almost nothing left the tray. The lobster was waiting.

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