Lilith (XIV)

“If you don’t take the piece with me, I won’t talk to you” – she felt the wine untie her thoughts a little more.

“Would you do that?”
“Seriously. You drag the girl to lunch and then dig into the side dish. “

“And which of those pieces would you recommend? … so it’s up to you.”


He looked up from the bowl full of couscous. She waited for his to react.

“I’ll taste the shark well” – and he reached out to reach Neptune’s bowl.

“You have no imagination” – she played a disappointed tone.

“You didn’t let me have it … I’m just like you, I don’t know anything about you … just about running away, renting cars, Lil, you like Mediterranean cuisine, you don’t like strawberry juice, you listen to music and you like sweet … fantasy can make a lot of gossip out of these clues … you can be anyone … “” Who, for example? ” ? You ran away on your wedding day …… you had to … “

“Go on – it sounds believable.”

“You shot your fiancé.” still asleep…. you shot him over the pillow in the head… “

“Who you are?”

“No one – but you don’t believe me.”

“I’ll go – will you give me the car keys?” She got up from the table.

“You have them in your pocket.”

She reached into her pockets. They were there.

“I’m not afraid of you.”

“You don’t have to be afraid of me – I don’t need to lie. And it is normal to trust those who lie more than those who would be ashamed to lie … “

“Why did you put those keys in my pocket …”

“I’m unbearable – I know – it would be too beautiful if you stayed. But it doesn’t happen – and not to complicate it – Your misunderstanding, you’re free to go to the car now, take your bag – maybe even with the car – “

“And you..?” “I…? I touch the couscous, finish the wine, have the lobster packed, take it to the homeless at the station .. it’s not caviar, but maybe it will be appreciated… I’ll buy the lilies on the way and go to the observatory in the evening… “
” Why don’t you at least give me – or something … Whatever “
” ..and what would change? “
” You’re weird… Really weird, have fun “- and she left. A black-and-white shadow approached the table.
” Any other wishes? “
” And I will pay. ”
“ Sure, sir… you will pay by card or cash ”
“ By card ” “I will be right back”

On the way from the restaurant to the flower shop he lit a cigarette. He didn’t have the courage to turn his head into the aisle with the car. What if the car didn’t stand there. He had a phone number for her on that wonderful recipe, but she wouldn’t answer. He was sure of that.
“Please have white lilies” – the saleswoman asked.
“Do we have … how many do you want?”
“For the last 100 bucks”
“It will be a great embrace”
“She always wanted lilies – she can never buy more than for the last money.”
“Did she want to?” … I’m sorry… It will be a sad embrace ”
He remembered all her wishes.