sweet seventeen ….

It was wonderful when I was seventeen … Today was also seventeen, but minus. -17 ° C. The first colder morning of this winter. What would I gave on the hot sand on the beach and my seventeen …

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16 thoughts on “sweet seventeen ….”

  1. I can imagine Mic… The lowest temperature I’ve experienced was -5°C and I was freezing. I must say I like hot weather, although there’s something magical about snow. ❄Happy Holidays Mic! 🌠 Take care.

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  2. I love the pictures! We had -6 last night, but to compensate for really low temperatures we invented: ‘felt’ temperature, or perhaps in English: wind chill. Lo and behold! This temperature was -16 last night! I didn’t go out to check it though. 🙂

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    1. Thank You Peter. In winter, when I most often photograph stars, it is around -30 ° C. I have no idea how I am able to take pictures at these temperatures. But the fact is that I can’t take pictures in strong winds … I would probably freeze :). Today I was a little surprised, but it was only the first colder day. I’ll have to get used to it again 😁

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