be a plan …

Unless something extraordinary happens tonight, the starry sky will be clear after more than two months. I have an equally clear plan. My object of interest will be two comets (comet 108P Ciffreo and comet C / 2019 L3 ATLAS) in the area of ​​the constellation Gemini and a nebula in the constellation Auriga. I can’t wait. With my equipment, the result will probably be two blurred points. But I don’t care. The most important thing is to point the lens in the right direction and have enough batteries for the camera.

Pictures of the starry sky are from and the Stellarium program.

13 thoughts on “be a plan …”

    1. I count 50 shots in each area for about 1 minute. The results will definitely be published. Comet Atlas had a brightness of 13.3 yesterday. If it’s not very cold, I’ll try comet C / 2020 V2 ZTF in the constellation Canes Venatici … it had an even higher brightness of 15.5 yesterday. So something is still flying above our heads … unless it’s disturbed by the moon or Musk Starlink, the universe can see everything possible.

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    1. 💖 Thank You Reena. In the My Universe gallery you will find a lot of pictures that I managed to take in a year and a half.


    1. incredibile essere due notti di fila. Non potevo assolutamente credere che all’inizio dell’anno avrei avuto così tante opportunità di fare foto di notte. Una bellissima giornata cara Emy💖🌟💝


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