10 thoughts on “A little Art for coffee …”

    1. I’m honored if anyone likes my work 🙏🙏🙏🤗. Sometimes I will send a photo of my choice to someone who writes with dedication. But it can’t be done all the time. Then there would be no money left for photography 😉😁

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    1. I agree with everything. Fortunately, I became interested in everything about analog as a small child, so I don’t have to pay for making movies or photos. I bought the magnifying machine at that time for collecting old paper and I still have it today. And it’s a wonderful hobby♥️

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      1. Welll it’s great that you can process, but I’m talking about the price and scarcity of the rolls of film themselves. I truly miss it. I did see that the Polaroid instamatic has made a pricey comeback. But nice to see someone using analog creatively.

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      2. It is also very expensive here. I always have to order it online. And becouse I dont want too pay for postage, I always order a few dozen pieces. Also, my wife is the way she is and tolerates these purchases

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