be the copies from the Soviet Union…

from time to time I manage to monetize a photo. They will then use the earnings again for the photo shoot. I managed to make money on one old camera for two photos. In the 1950s, the Soviet Union began making a copy of the German Leica II from the 1930s. The device was named Zorkij 1. Both the Leica and the Soviet Zorki are fully mechanical machines and are essentially indestructible. The photos from the Leica instruments are unique … so I’ll try the Soviet Zorki and the Industar lens (Industar is a copy of the Carl Zeiss Tessar lens). Yesterday I cleaned and lubricated the Zorkij device and everything seems to be working. The film is already inside and waiting ….

© Mic . All photos are my own.
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3 thoughts on “be the copies from the Soviet Union…”

    1. I must say that I am surprised by the quality of the camera. The rangefinder needs to be adjusted a bit, but sometimes I have to do the same on the Leica.

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