Today’s …

testing of the Zorkij 1(export version) camera turned out great. The sky was festively blue and the sun was shining and warming. I tested the camera by shooting in the shade, shooting in backlight with an aperture of f5.6 -16 and a shutter speed of 1/100 – 1/500. Fomapan 400Action cine-film was loaded into the Zorkij. Judge for yourself. The camera Zorkij 1(Soviet copy of Leica II) made in 1950 is a great machine.

© Mic . All photos are my own.
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7 thoughts on “Today’s …”

    1. 💝 Thank You dear Donna😘 I secretly hoped that the Industar lens would be good, because I have information from colleagues that each of these lenses is original and not every Industar can handle the backlight. I’ll see how he handles the side light on the color film

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    1. Thanking a person who is a true artist is a commitment. I’ve been looking at your site for your other projects now and I’m putting on an imaginary hat. I’m a guy and the sight of a beautiful drawing of a pretty girl always makes me happy. Somewhere the world is still normal. Thank you 🤝😎


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