1+4K+6 = 167

If I add up the age of these three cameras, they will celebrate 167 years this year. However, they take pictures as well as if they were made yesterday. Yesterday I did mainintenance one of them(4K) and for the first time in my life I was disassembly a rangefinder camera. I was expecting some super-complex mechanical apparatus. No way. The laws of physics, mechanics and optics allow a completely simple construction and a virtually unbreakable camera. If you don’t want to let him cross the tank … At the same time, these Russian Zorkij devices are not expensive at the bazaars. If you are not an avid collector of old Leica instruments, these Russian copies will do a great job with an undamaged lens. I always feel sorry for the old devices that lie unnecessarily on the shelves. They take photos really well.