I express my support for Ukraine in the real war against the bolshevik from the Kremlin

I’m sorry I’m not taking pictures now. I can’t take a camera in my hand when innocent people are dying because of a coward not far from our borders. That coward is Putin. He needs to be tried in an international court for all the crimes he commits not only against the Ukrainian people, the people of Kazakhstan, Belarusian people, people of Armenia, people of Chechnya, Russian people, but also against crimes committed against other nations.



18 thoughts on “I express my support for Ukraine in the real war against the bolshevik from the Kremlin”

  1. thanks a lot for your more than just a statement mic. politics in every country do play inhuman shit games. but: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LET’S BE ON THE SIDE OF HUMANITY BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT TO TAKE CARE ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am appreciating your behalf from the deepest of my heart! many sincere greetings to you and your beloved all over all distance

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    1. ♥️🇺🇦That’s the least I can do. We are now working to identify the disinformers on all networks by which we stop their sites or profiles. Although the fighting is not over, it can already be said that Putin lost the war, regardless of whether he manages to gain any territory. Many thanks to the Ukrainian people and their president for reminding the whole world that they must fight for freedom.

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      1. i just read today that ANONYMOUS group has hacked russian government netSites, as even a tv channel called rt-news which was temporarly ou of tne net. they do the same as once against ISIS and other INHUMANITY. you can see their video on twitter (guess it was 24 ago ). FREEDOM MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!! from whatssoever occupation, if in mind or body. Let open hearts speak, dance, and CRY! THEY ARE FEW WE ARE MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      2. Yes, it’s the same relationship as a narcoman and his dealer. The narcoman swears at prices, but eventually buys the drug anyway. The view currently held by German economists is not the view of the whole of Germany. It has not yet occurred to them that the Ukrainians are fighting for them as well.

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  2. I missed a couple posts back and visited them, and wanted to stop by again to this post, Mic. I hope all is safe near you and your family. I am so worried for Ukraine and neighboring countries, and the world. Stay alert, be safe!!

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    1. Thank You Donna💖Yes, we are relatively far from the scene of the fighting. And that’s what’s bothering me. I can’t just go and take pictures with a sense of belonging and the full support of the whole of Ukraine. I would be a hypocrite. Ukraine is now fighting for freedom throughout Europe.

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