when I was small…

I sometimes had a snack on this table. Maybe my father … I have to ask him. I’d rather take a picture of before someone destroying the table.

Full analog process, Pentacon Six, Sonnar 180mm, Kodak Portra 400, Tetenal C41

expired films 1984 …

While processing the expired films, I noticed that their quality is not constant throughout its length. Especially for Fomapan R inverse films.It is definitely not good to take pictures of some details on the first and last shots…

Full analog process, Flexaret VI with expired(1984) Fomapan R21.

be a famous municipal house…

It used to be a house full of fragrance. There used to be a municipal laundry on the ground floor. Two families lived on the upper floor. Laundry and medicinal herbs were dried on the attic. When I took pictures of this old house, I asked the girls who secretly smoke there if they knew it was a famous house. Out of decency, they replied that they knew of his fame. But they did not know what made this house famous. I told them I went to this house to see my grandmother. They laughed, and I was glad they might remember that this house was once beautiful and fragrant. He was full of life. Those who have decided the fate of this house will never reach to be remembered with love, as is remembered of this house.

mix of digital and analog photos (Nikon and Pentacon Six)

the old concrete bathtub

from my unpublished photos. It’s a bathtub that I still remember when it stood in an old laundry room from the 1920s. Incredibly cold water flowed there.

Full analog process, Pentacon Six, Carl Zeiss 50,80,180mm, Kodak Portra 400

Good morning world….

It is a question of how long we can afford to wish you good morning. In the morning, Europe was a small step away from a nuclear disaster. Russian troops have launched a missile attack on the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. According to yesterday’s statement by the mad Adolf Putin that the action is proceeding according to plan, this attack was also planned. Putin’s goal is to provoke an escalation of the conflict so that he can somehow justify the war crimes he has committed and continues to commit. NATO‘s calm is driving him madness. How should the world behave now? First of all, to name the unprecedented terrorist act that Putin committed by attacking the nuclear power plant, to officially name it a terrorist act. Arrest all of Putin’s supporters. Whoever supports terrorism is a terrorist and belongs to pre-trial detention, the court and the prison. The situation is really serious. Nevertheless, I wish you … Good morning, world.