Is it possible to combine economics and physics?

A physico-economic experiment is now underway in Russia to verify the relationship between weight and value. This program is paid from the state budget of Russia. The goal is to prove that 1 ruble weighing 7.087375 g has the same economic value as 1 ton of rubles. They have already achieved tangible results this week. According to an unnamed source from Putin’s immediate neighborhood, this peace project is to try to maintain zero economic value at the same weight. All the countries of the world have emphasized that they will support Russian experts in this effort.

Sergei Lavrov the most needless foreign minister in the world

If you live in a country that does not recognize the state borders of any state, you do not need a foreign minister. If there is no border, there is no foreign country. Sergei Lavrov is a “politician” whose mental development ended sometime in the 1980s As part of austerity measures, the Russian Duma should consider the existence of this ministry, or perhaps its renaming. At present, our fish in the aquarium could do his job better.

HOT NEWS: It will most likely be replaced in the position by anyone from Russia who proves to be at least 100 real friends on Facebook

Mom … why do I have to be brave?

What is it like to be on the escape from Ukraine? If you’re lucky, you can take the train from the shelled station. Or you have to walk. If you have small children, even a fifteen-kilometer march through the mountains, in the cold or frost, is infinitely long and really dangerous. They risk for survive. They do not leave their homeland to have a better life, they escape for life. Although the protesting Russian citizens are facing really harsh sanctions against the war in Ukraine, even the whole of Moscow together does not have as much courage at the moment as any mother with children fleeing the war.

Putin’s lesson of demagogy

A typical example of demagogy is Putin’s pretext for invading Ukraine. On the one hand, he says that Ukraine must not be a member of NATO, because the North Atlantic Alliance would be right on the border with Russia. On the other hand, it will send nuclear weapons to Belarus, which borders Poland. And Poland is a major member of NATO. He imposes a Stalinist system of life on the Russian people, but he lives like a Rothschild. So, in addition to being a liar and a coward, Putin is a hypocrite too. He reacts too aggressively to his own mistakes, of which he blames the entire planet. You’re as stupid as Hitler, cruel as Heydrich and cowardly as Himmler … and they all ended up infamous. History is ruthless and does not forgive. No act performed can be undone. Putin will end up like most dictators. He will be removed by his own man. Putin’s biggest enemy is Putin himself!