when less means more…

Yesterday I added another older and cheap camera to the collection of devices. Nikon F50 35mm camera. I bought it at auction for about $ 20. That’s the price for two packs of cigarettes. Or the price for one cassette of ordinary film. The less the camera can do, the happier I am. Yes, it is equipped with an exposure meter and can focus on its own. With my manual lenses, autofocus is a bit of an unnecessary luxury. And
I will never disdain the exposure meter. The battery was flat so I put two batteries in the camera for the time being, which I use in Canon. Because these batteries are shorter than the original battery, I helped myself with a piece of crumpled aluminum foil. I deployed a manual 50mm CZ Planar, I loaded the Ilford HP5 Plus film and you can see the result below. I’m satisfied.

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