15 thoughts on “up or down?”

    1. Thank You dear sister 😘💝 I took the picture this morning and by lunch I already had two films with photos. Then I sat over the negatives for a while, wondering what the correct orientation of the image was.😁

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      1. Wow! That is quick processing. All I do is click and then look at the results on my computer. Takes me a while to decide which are worth keeping or tossing. Then, give me day and I’ll probably change my mind once or twice. 😂

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      2. Usually when I take a DSLR … I take 1000 photos. I’ll look at them at home … I’ll tag them all … and delete them. I can’t do much with that digital. But when someone comes to portraits, they want everything right now … so I use it there the most. But that doesn’t mean there is a queue for portraits😁

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    1. Thank You dear Harshi🤗📷🎞 It makes a contrast. The photo can also be developed on softer paper with less contrast, and the result is then different 🌹

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