the blue filter …

For beginners with black and white photography, I have prepared a demonstration of what the blue filter will actually do with the photo …

  1. An ordinary color shot photo of a poppy

2. An ordinary BW shot photo of a poppy (I personally have nikon always switched to black and white mode)

3. An ordinary color photo of a poppy with a screw-on blue filter (In the LR program, I switched it to RGB mode. This is how a photographer sees it when shooting on analog camera )

4. Ordinary BW photo of a poppy with a screw-on blue filter (This is how I see a poppy flower on the camera screen if I have a blue filter screwed on)

© Mic . All photos are my own.
No usage allowed in any form without my written consent.

cutted …

Yesterday morning I shot a film in medium format. I took pictures of the ordinary things I always have. But the sun was just rising and the shadows were beautiful. During the development, I opened the developer tank for incomprehensible reasons … it was immediately clear to me that the pictures were gone. Everything is already overpriced and I did such a stupid thing. So I put a new film in the camera and tried again … but noon is not morning.

Pentacon Six TL, CZ Biometar 80mm, Fomapan F400 Professional

Yesterday …

I managed quite a lot … from the mentioned celebration, through the exhibition of old cars and motorcycles and finally the absolutely overwhelming exhibition of the most popular contemporary Czech photographer Jan Saudek. He was never afraid to go beyond what the majority population considered acceptable. His compositions are beautiful. Technical design perfect. If I found enough courage, like Jan Saudek, I would pull one camera out of my bag at the exhibition and take a picture of his work. I did not find the courage and only humbly stared like a amateur. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the exhibition with his photographs, be sure not to miss it. It’s a huge difference to view his work on a monitor or in real life.

© Mic . All photos are my own.
No usage allowed in any form without my written consent.

chi mai …

Today, on a slightly hectic day (with regard to my laziness), I took a few photos at the son’s graduation ceremony. Great musicians. Great music. Great son.

Monochrome Nikon D800, CZ Planar 1.4/50mm

Ennio Morricone – Chi mai

Do you like black and white photography?

This short article is not intended for analog enthusiasts who master the perfectly “wet” path of creating black and white photography. It is intended for owners of digital SLR cameras who are just discovering the magic of black and white photos. If you still feel that your black and white photo is missing something, I can definitely recommend the Silver Efex Pro program from Nik Collection. The program can beautifully simulate the use of basic color filters. It has several basic presets in its libraries in which you will see what your black and white photo can look like. The program is comparable in price to the price of one high-quality color filter. I personally follow the only rule that my classmate’s father, Mr. Daněk, told me. The rule is: black and white photography has no rules. With one exception and that is composition. You don’t have to wait for the gold or blue hour when taking black and white photos. You just take a camera and take pictures.

Ordinary shot from DSLR Nikon D800, processed using Silver Efex Pro

Admiral …

After a long time, I received a copy of the newspaper. One worse news than another … I thought about the content of the news for a while, and then I built a paper boat out of the bad news, which I let float down the river as a child. Every fleet should have an admiral. I took advantage of the moment when a butterfly, admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta Linné ) , landed on the sidewalk. He had no objection to my suggestions …. probably. To be silent is to agree. So I have my own fleet and admiral. I’m freaking out …but fun is simply needed! 😁📷


I use photo flashes and studio lights a lot. But most often I use a small but powerful hand flashlight. It is great, for example, for photographing portraits in the backlight It is waterproof, fits in your pocket and, if necessary, often helps not only when taking photos.

Superia 400

Yesterday, so as not to get wet, I only photographed the objects I saw from under the umbrella we have in the garden. I often use the Fujicolor Superia 400. Although don’t really understand with purple color, I like to take pictures with it. You can make a black and white photo of it at any time.

Nikon F50, 135mm, Fujicolor Superia 400, C41 Tetenal color

In memory …

of my rock life, I kept only a few strings from my instruments. And those strings still play in the spotlight… but only I can hear their tones.

Nikon F50, 135mm MF, Superia 400, C41, switch to BW

sometimes …

the photo works and sometimes it fails. Today is one of those days when one should not leave the house. It’s cold and it’s raining a lot. As I get used to the intensity of the rain, the rain intensifies. So I quickly took a few remaining shots of the film and went to develope it. Even when pulling the film cassette out of the camera, I managed (thanks to the orthosis on my left hand) to somehow insert my finger through the lamellae of the camera shutter. One by one I pushed back there and it looks like everything is working as it should. After developing the film, I found out that a few images on the negative are scratched (probably due to the orthosis on the left hand again). I decided to correct one of these images in PS and I even colored him. This is not an art. I only regret any images that are unusable.

Canon EOS 500N, Sigma 70-300mm APO, Fomapan F400, Photoshop

Pictures of wooden chronicles …

Each tree has its own chronicle. Maybe that’s why we learned to make paper from wood 🤔👁📷

Canon EOS 500N, Sigma 70-300 APO Macro, Fomapan F400 footage

in cold blood ….

Placing any point in the golden ratio will force the observer to beholder what you want them to watch. Something makes you look at places that are not interesting at all. The magic of the golden ratio.

Canon EOS 500N, Canob 1,7/50mm STM, Fomapan F400 footage