With 35mm camera to and from the forest

Today I was checking if the forest is still where it was last year. I only took three cameras with me today 🤡📷F50, 📷D800 and📷139Quartz.

Nikon F50, Samyang 14 and 135mm + Sigma 17-35mm, Fomapan F400 footage

11 thoughts on “With 35mm camera to and from the forest”

  1. Only three cameras? 😁 I love your work and I know the beautiful images are a result of your knowledge and experience. So do you have an idea in your head before you click and then decide which camera will give you the best result? I am assuming you use the Nikon 800 less often than the two film cameras. Sorry about all the long comment. I have so much to learn and often feel that I am running out of time. 😉

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    1. Thank You my sister😘😁.This is mainly because I have been working with analog since 1980 and with DSLR since June 2020. DSLR has very cheap operation and fast output. The analog is unrepeatable. I think it’s the same difference as listening to a CD and listening to a vinyl LP. That saturation is just different. But I also know a few photographers who can take a great photo with DSLR without editing. You definitely belong among them, dear Irene💝💖❤📷.

      P.S. I wear three cameras because one always has BW film, the other color film and the third is DSLR 😁

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      1. That makes so much sense! One with color film and with BW (as I hit my head with my hand). 😂 I just proved my personal thought that most people who started out in film are often much better photographers because they have learned to envision things through as opposed to a quick click. Really, I do think sometimes. 😁

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    1. Thank You Horst 😎 Usually this road is empty and not much used. But until I pull out the camera. I waited tens of minutes for the last car and cyclists to disappear 😁

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