drops anatomy …

On our small square, a fountain was installed a few years ago, which shows the impact of the drop on the water surface. I like it very much. Especially when before that our square was decorated only with a gas station. I think I took a picture of her recently when the small fountain hadn’t been started yet.

Mix of Nikon SLR & Nikon DSLR photos

12 thoughts on “drops anatomy …”

    1. 💖🌹 When I took the picture yesterday morning, the police stood a short distance from me … then I met them twice more and it was clear to me that I would be suspicious of them … I drove slowly and looked around for what could be photographed. So they stopped me, checked to see if I was drunk, they refused to be photographed and we broke up. These are my ordinary stories of ordinary photos 😁

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      1. I’ve got police stories too, hehe. Got a police officer buddy now who patrols a dead-end boat ramp/landing where I was photographing birds from my car all alone. He first pulled up to see who/what was I doing, I find out his wife loves taking bird photos too. 🙂 My black Audi QS7 stands out with a special license plate. I continue to run into him and another police officer who patrols my area, they aren’t going to forget my car & its tag. 😉 Now I just wave and smile! 😁

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