into the arc …

The weather was really bad yesterday … the rain showers gradually turned into persistent rain. So I hid in the passage and waited. At home, I then apologized to my old cameras.

Leica R7. VE 28-70mm, Fomapan F400 footage

10 thoughts on “into the arc …”

    1. Thank You dear Amber💖 You mean Amber, that picture with the girl? I always decide for a long time whether to ask her permission to take pictures. But I asked her and I got permission. Then I am very grateful to such people 🤗

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      1. I meant the one below the girl, with the round cement looking object. 😉 Your name isn’t mic, right? That’s man in camera?

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      2. Aaa betonová koule je na schodech neexistující restaurace. Včera jsem tam byl po více než třiceti letech. Jmenuji se Michal Michal. A ano, MIC je Man in camera😁😘

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