how I photograph blooms….

and it doesn’t matter if it’s analog or DSLR. When taking black and white photos, luck is really in the right light. That’s why I often use reflector plates. As well as color filters. Each flower color prefers a different filter color. When taking color photos, I always use ND filters. Notwithstanding the fact that both Lightroom and Photoshop can do a lot of things. I need to see a good photo before I develope or edit it.

17 thoughts on “how I photograph blooms….”

    1. Thank You Aalu 🤗I use PS only for custom portraits. Some women get the impression that they are prettier when I click on them for hours with a brush 😉

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    1. A huge advantage of DSLR is that the photographer can display a black and white preview on the screen. With analog, everything has to switch only in the head and rely on experience😉

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  1. Kudos on your skilled efforts, Mic! In past ten years, I’ve purchased reflector plates, filters, and lights and have hardly played with them much, but I do have high hopes some day to delve further into photography and different subjects now that I’m retired. I know there is more for me than birds and grandboys! 😁😊

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  2. I am sure there is a lot more experience and work that goes into your great results than luck. Otherwise, my question would would be – how’d you get all that luck, bro? 😁

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