the old well …

Canon EOS 500N, Canon 1.8/ 50mm STM, Fomapan F400 footage + Nikon D50, Sigma 17-35mm, Superia 400 + D800 (intro)

The opening image consists of two images. I only had a 135mm lens with me on DSLR Nikon. So that the whole cage of the well and the roofs of the house was in the shot, I solved it by merging two shots.

Canon EOS 500N

Nikon D50

All shades of gray II …

I’ll add a few DSLR images before the negatives dry. Every one of my pictures carries a story. In the morning, I was fascinated by a fountain in a small town about twenty kilometers from my house. The problem was that the moment I chose the composition, the fountain always changed the force of the water flow. I’m sure someone was standing by the fountain’s remote, having a lot of fun 😁📷