sometimes …

the photo works and sometimes it fails. Today is one of those days when one should not leave the house. It’s cold and it’s raining a lot. As I get used to the intensity of the rain, the rain intensifies. So I quickly took a few remaining shots of the film and went to develope it. Even when pulling the film cassette out of the camera, I managed (thanks to the orthosis on my left hand) to somehow insert my finger through the lamellae of the camera shutter. One by one I pushed back there and it looks like everything is working as it should. After developing the film, I found out that a few images on the negative are scratched (probably due to the orthosis on the left hand again). I decided to correct one of these images in PS and I even colored him. This is not an art. I only regret any images that are unusable.

Canon EOS 500N, Sigma 70-300mm APO, Fomapan F400, Photoshop

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