Admiral …

After a long time, I received a copy of the newspaper. One worse news than another … I thought about the content of the news for a while, and then I built a paper boat out of the bad news, which I let float down the river as a child. Every fleet should have an admiral. I took advantage of the moment when a butterfly, admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta Linné ) , landed on the sidewalk. He had no objection to my suggestions …. probably. To be silent is to agree. So I have my own fleet and admiral. I’m freaking out …but fun is simply needed! 😁📷


I use photo flashes and studio lights a lot. But most often I use a small but powerful hand flashlight. It is great, for example, for photographing portraits in the backlight It is waterproof, fits in your pocket and, if necessary, often helps not only when taking photos.

Superia 400

Yesterday, so as not to get wet, I only photographed the objects I saw from under the umbrella we have in the garden. I often use the Fujicolor Superia 400. Although don’t really understand with purple color, I like to take pictures with it. You can make a black and white photo of it at any time.

Nikon F50, 135mm, Fujicolor Superia 400, C41 Tetenal color