Admiral …

After a long time, I received a copy of the newspaper. One worse news than another … I thought about the content of the news for a while, and then I built a paper boat out of the bad news, which I let float down the river as a child. Every fleet should have an admiral. I took advantage of the moment when a butterfly, admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta Linné ) , landed on the sidewalk. He had no objection to my suggestions …. probably. To be silent is to agree. So I have my own fleet and admiral. I’m freaking out …but fun is simply needed! 😁📷

8 thoughts on “Admiral …”

  1. After reading this post, i tried to make a paper boat but honestly speaking I couldn’t make it. I ended up making an aeroplane, which I used to make a lot during my childhood. 🙂

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