chi mai …

Today, on a slightly hectic day (with regard to my laziness), I took a few photos at the son’s graduation ceremony. Great musicians. Great music. Great son.

Monochrome Nikon D800, CZ Planar 1.4/50mm

Ennio Morricone – Chi mai

Do you like black and white photography?

This short article is not intended for analog enthusiasts who master the perfectly “wet” path of creating black and white photography. It is intended for owners of digital SLR cameras who are just discovering the magic of black and white photos. If you still feel that your black and white photo is missing something, I can definitely recommend the Silver Efex Pro program from Nik Collection. The program can beautifully simulate the use of basic color filters. It has several basic presets in its libraries in which you will see what your black and white photo can look like. The program is comparable in price to the price of one high-quality color filter. I personally follow the only rule that my classmate’s father, Mr. Daněk, told me. The rule is: black and white photography has no rules. With one exception and that is composition. You don’t have to wait for the gold or blue hour when taking black and white photos. You just take a camera and take pictures.

Ordinary shot from DSLR Nikon D800, processed using Silver Efex Pro