Ice storm…

it’s about an hour since the ice storm ended. the largest pieces of ice were about 8 cm. It broke our two cars, a greenhouse, a few windows at home … wow. But it’s still hot … Sorry for the poor quality of the recording, but the adrenaline shook a little with me. I’m going to have coffee😉 and another storm is coming ….

next storm starts 9:30 pm

being too useful…

… is not an ideal situation. If you are too useful, you will be portioned and consumed. In the end, you may be left with only photos …. It’s good to be reasonably helpful … to learn to say no. Adequately.

Leica R7, VE 75-200, Fomapan F400 footage, Kodak TMax 1:9

there was once a clothes peg….

that met the other clothes peg at one party. They spent all their time together. All days and nights. Till the end…

Leica R7(Fomapan F400)+ Pentacon Six(Fujifilm 100 Acros II) + Nikon F50(Fujifilm 100 Acros II)

The rainmaker…

Can you cause rain? On such hot days, rain would be like living water. But it’s not raining and it probably won’t rain right away. That’s why I created the illusion of rain using double exposure. The first exposure is just a shot of a flowering clover and camera movement. This way you can at least let it raining anywhere in the photo ….

D800 + Nikkor f1.4/50mm

few perfored photos …

Today, temperatures have again exceeded 30 ° C and this is not a completely normal summer temperature at our altitude. So I’m attaching a few more pictures from yesterday.

Pentacon Six TL, 80mm Zebra Biometar + yellow filter, Fomapan F400

a fertile country…

The hot weather directly attracts to similar photos. I loaded again the 35mm film into a medium-format camera, thus supplementing the ideas that arose during the previous days🌞📷

Pentacon Six TL, f2.8/80mm Biometar Zebra + yellow filter, 135 Fomapan F400 footage, Kodak TMax 1:4 (D800 intro)

Columns and straw….

All I need for a feeling of happiness is a camera, any lens and a piece of negative.

Pentacon Six TL, 50mm Flektogon, Acros 100 II+ D800, MF 135mm Samyang

There are days…

when the air does not move, but only until you feel like taking pictures of grass or grain.To make the wind blow, pull out the camera. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the result. The human eye is unable to focus on multiple subjects in a single moment. That’s just how we see.The complete image is then composed by our brain.

Pentacon Six TL, Biometar + Flektogon + yellow filter, Acros 100II, Kodak TMax 1:4

trees by the road …

The trees by the road are wooden mannequins. It’s just that we often miss them at speed. If we find time to stop, they rewarding with wonderful scenery.

Pentacon Six TL, Biometar + Flektogon + yellow filter, Acros 100II, Kodak TMax 1:4

grain …

Somehow I missed the photos, which are not crystal clear. Even with an analog camera, you can create an unnaturally sharp photo. So I mixed the developer diluted 1: 9 (Kodak Tmax) and shot one film(Fomapan 400) at the table over the afternoon coffee. If you do not want to dilute the developer, a similar grain can be achieved at a higher developer temperature. The cherries in the last picture are hand-colored with oil paint, which I borrowed from my daughter.

Misha, Nikon F50, MF 135mm Samyang, Fomapan F400 footage, Kodak TMax (1:9),


something you take a picture and then you think and research what it is. I accidentally discovered something in one of the photos of condensation vapors behind the plane. And now I don’t mean the dirt on the sensor. While editing the image, I noticed a small dark spot. As I enlarged the area, it seemed to me that light was falling on it from a side other than the Sun. Maybe it’s a weather balloon, maybe E.T. he actually called home … who knows. Anyway, there was nothing in the next picture I took 4 seconds later. I used all non-destructive methods to clean up the image. And what do you see?👽😉📷

Nikon D800, MF 2/135mm Samyang, Exif : ISO125, f/10, 1/1250sec.

once upon a time in the ….

…East a butterfly flew to a flower near the track.

Leica R7, Vario Elmar 4,5/75-200mm, Acros 100II, Kodak TMax professional

Ennio Morricone – Once Upon A Time In The West (Finale)

next to the road …

sometimes I try to keep the MF telephoto lens in my hand, at a shutter speed shorter than the focal length of the lens, so that the images are not blurred. At the smallest possible depth of field, it’s a lottery. Out of 37 pictures, two were unusable … which I consider a great score 😁📷

Leica R7, Vario Elmar 4,5/75-200, Fujifilm Acros 100II, Kodak TMax professional