something you take a picture and then you think and research what it is. I accidentally discovered something in one of the photos of condensation vapors behind the plane. And now I don’t mean the dirt on the sensor. While editing the image, I noticed a small dark spot. As I enlarged the area, it seemed to me that light was falling on it from a side other than the Sun. Maybe it’s a weather balloon, maybe E.T. he actually called home … who knows. Anyway, there was nothing in the next picture I took 4 seconds later. I used all non-destructive methods to clean up the image. And what do you see?👽😉📷

Nikon D800, MF 2/135mm Samyang, Exif : ISO125, f/10, 1/1250sec.

11 thoughts on “Sometimes…”

  1. I think it is Dron. Maybe aliens but I do not think Aliens are good creatures. If they exists they are not our friends. My opinion. I like humans and all emphatic creatures and plants from Earth 💯❤️

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    1. 🤗I am an eternal optimist. I’ll assume it was Alf from Melmac. 🤣 He was very friendly. 😁 Neither the meteorological balloon nor the drone would be able to disappear from the photographed area in 4 seconds🤔

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