The rainmaker…

Can you cause rain? On such hot days, rain would be like living water. But it’s not raining and it probably won’t rain right away. That’s why I created the illusion of rain using double exposure. The first exposure is just a shot of a flowering clover and camera movement. This way you can at least let it raining anywhere in the photo ….

D800 + Nikkor f1.4/50mm

15 thoughts on “The rainmaker…”

    1. 😘💖 Thank You dear Anber.There aren’t many adjustments to my photos. Usually I just add a frame and draw shapes from the shadows. Compared to the exposure meter, I always underexpose almost 1 EV. I always switched the DSLR to black and white and sometimes I forget that I have a color filter (mostly yellow) screwed on. But I won’t find out until the moment I think … this photo would be nice in color … but it’s yellow😁📷🌞

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      1. Yes,Ican see how that would be better but I like the yellow filter. Anything you create is beautiful.😘💞☀️📸

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