Ice storm…

it’s about an hour since the ice storm ended. the largest pieces of ice were about 8 cm. It broke our two cars, a greenhouse, a few windows at home … wow. But it’s still hot … Sorry for the poor quality of the recording, but the adrenaline shook a little with me. I’m going to have coffee😉 and another storm is coming ….

next storm starts 9:30 pm

34 thoughts on “Ice storm…”

  1. I watched your video twice, WOWZA!! 😲 Crazy!! I’ve never been in a hailstorm with ice chunks that large. Could clearly hurt a human being too. Hey, Mother Nature, you are supposed to be kind to our dear friend, Mic!!

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    1. I added a few photos now. The size and speed of those balls had devastating power … we’re supposed to expect more storms😁😬what can be done … somehow it was somehow will be

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      1. 💖it’s ok … in the evening it heated a few cellars but the storms have already avoided us. Today we will clean up.

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    1. one car is insured against these situations, the other, unfortunately, is not. I can glaze windows alone. But I’m sorry for the tomatoes. Tomatoes from the garden have always been the best. I’m sure if one didn’t have a chance to hide somewhere, the ice would kill him. It also smashed tin watering cans … grill ..😉

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    1. Yes💖 all is ok, except for published damages. Before it started, I was out and about to take pictures of lightning. When the lightning struck about 200 meters from me, I was hidden in the house for a few seconds. Maybe I set a world record for folding a tripod and hiding a camera😉🙃📷

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    1. 🤗🌹on the other hand, the whole universe is about destructions, so I think it’s cool✨🌈💖


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