switch …

Apparently, the seemingly endless series of storms where the sweltering heat was punctuated by bullets of ice had finally stopped. On many roofs, their owners are still working with the fire brigade, and the sound of glass shards and the sound of hammers can be heard in the surroundings. It seems that in order for our village to come to life a little, must a superstorm will come.

14 thoughts on “switch …”

    1. 💋💞It’s the little things dear Amber. What annoys me more now is that we are without cars, so I can’t even jump anywhere quickly to take a picture of something positive. I’ll probably play BBT during the day as well😁💞


    1. Fortunately, it started with rain and mothers and children were able to leave the playground. I’m absolutely sure that if anyone got hit in the head with that piece of ice, that would be the end of it. When I tried to break some of the larger pieces of glass with a hammer to get it into the glass container, I couldn’t break it at all

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    1. my hands are already so cuted from all those shreds that I must look like the king of the unfit😁😉😘 Have You sunny day dear Marina☀️🤗🎶🖌️


    1. 😘 I’ll take a break today and try to take some photos at least in the studio. Or take a few photos the classic “wet” way🤗

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