Don’t you want to go out and take pictures?

-I asked Jared (my son). He agreed. He preferred the DSLR over the analog camera offered by me. After a few shots I told him to switch the camera to black and white mode. He immediately saw a lot of places on the display that seemed boring to him before. All you had to do was pull the trigger. At home, I then showed him in the editor how easily the photos could be edited the way he wanted the photos to look. It was his third walk with a camera… the result is great.

06/2022 Nikon D800, AF f1,4/50mm, MF f2/135mm

16 thoughts on “Don’t you want to go out and take pictures?”

    1. So he actually lives 24 hours a day in the recording studio… I wanted to take him outside for fresh air and you could see that he enjoyed it💕📷

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    1. 🤔😉Yes, I mystified. I’ve looked through the entire archive and this is his fifth walk with me. He tried an analogue of it once. However, it was his third attempt to really be a photographer 😁

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