… I indulged in time travel. I brought files of thousands of negatives into my bedroom and looked through a lot of forgotten moments. The lizard has been dead for several decades…she came back to life in the photo 📷🦎.

8 thoughts on “Yesterday…”

  1. 👁That’s such a beautiful thought , Michal.. The lizard 🦎 is long gone but your photograph captured it’s soul in a moment in time. The way you see the world is so interesting and inspiring. You give me motivation to keep going through my down moments. I am grateful to have you as a friend I can talk to when I need to. Thank you for sharing your 📸✨ and your lovely 💭 🧠🖋 with me. We may be worlds apart but it feels like we are in the same place sometimes.😘🌹🥰🙊💋💞

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    1. Thank You dear Hal🤗😘it was the second time in my life that I saw such a large lizard in the wild. For the first time, I didn’t have a camera with me

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