ten thousand years before the selfie….

well, it’s not that long. But technology has made incredible progress over the years. Still, I prefer a real photo over any selfie you take with almost anything. If you have a partner and a camera at home, let yourself be photographed. It’s like sex… it’s definitely better in twos 😉📷

canon AE1 1999, Kodak Gold 100 + my honey

20 thoughts on “ten thousand years before the selfie….”

    1. Thank You Mat 😉 Well, what I meant was that if the photographer is also a partner, the emotion in the photo is real…no role…no theatrics…just pure life.

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  1. Love these, Mic! Your wife is very photogenic, she has a truly beautiful smile! I enjoy taking photos of my husband too, both silly/fun and sweet/sexy. Congrats on your strong marriage, ours will be 43 years next month! 😍

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      1. Married in our late teens…..and now I’ve aged myself! hehehe We’re young at heart and were able to retire at 58, been loving every aspect of life that we can since!


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