painted by the brain…

Our brain evaluates everything based on previous experiences. The eyes will give him some data and he will take care of the rest himself. That is why we experience, for example, déjà vu. In fact, we hardly read words letter by letter anymore. If you shuffle letters in the middle of a written word, the brain will eventually put this mixture together correctly very quickly. The brain is your only true friend… even if it sometimes doesn’t tell the truth😉😁📷 BauetifluTeusday for all🌞📷🧠

Nikon F50 MF 135mm Samyang , Fomapan F400, masked

13 thoughts on “painted by the brain…”

  1. I love the effect you applied to the photo. Very creative work, Michal. Simplicity and ordinary life objects is beautiful.📸🎨🖌👁💕

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    1. 💞🤗 Thank You dear Amber 💞. Even with the classic “wet” process, it’s a fairly easy job. You just have to cut out the paper masks (rectangles) and then just enlarge or reduce them on one photo paper. My first mask that I made in my life was in the shape of a heart and inside was a portrait of my mom. I gave it to her for International Women’s Day😁

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      1. I love that 🗝heart gift idea, she must have loved that. So very thoughtful towards women and your mother. You have a way with creating art with your photography that is unique and special. I look forward to each and every time you post something, I always know it will uplift my mood and leave me feeling light as a feather🪶afterwards.📸✨❤️


  2. Loved the filter and effect used on this picture. It gives it some more depth.

    (P.S. I accidentally ended up replying to a random comment on one of your posts. I actually intended it to be a separate one instead of a reply 😅)

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    1. Thank You my friend🙏🤗it’s analog photography – wet process😉📷… sometimes I only use paper templates as masks, sometimes I make masks from red foil. It’s easy🙂


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