quick lesson…

last night my son showed me some photos on Instagram. He was very interested in how the photographer did it. So I showed him a very quick trick on how to achieve the same result. Of course, this is not a technique that can be used in documentary. It’s a technique for creative photographers. Feel free to cover the lens with your fingers, or use transparent adhesive tape, paper with several holes, grease the filter with vaseline (I use lard). The son was surprised how quickly the desired effect can be achieved without subsequent editing.Just be creative….😉📷🖼.

6 thoughts on “quick lesson…”

    1. 😁🤗Cokin flat filters are ideal for this technique, where a thin layer of vaseline (or hand cream) is applied with a spatula. In this day and age of really thin adhesive tapes, use tape over the sun visor instead. But you have to focus on the manual. Autofocus will have a problem

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