Battle DSLR(Jared) vs. SLR(Mic)

Today I read such a sad article that one era of cameras is ending. Both Nikon and Canon have announced the end of DSLR development and will continue with mirrorless only. Progress cannot be stopped. Especially when 99.9% of people take photos with their mobile phones. And the best camera is always the one you have with you. Which is indeed a mobile. I didn’t even get to really make friends with DSLRs and now I’ll be able to buy their last ever best models. Fortunately, after all these decades, I know that the photographer and the lens make the photo, Everything else in between is just a box.

Jared DSLR : Nikon D800+ MF 2/135mm Samyang, Mic SLR: Super Takumar 2,5/135mm+red filter(Fomapan F400)& Yashica 2/50mm (Fujifilm 200)

12 thoughts on “Battle DSLR(Jared) vs. SLR(Mic)”

  1. If you buy a mirrorless you can still process the RAW files for as long as you like. Turn off the lights and pretend you’re in the darkroom!

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  2. There are also many MANY essentially new ones — as well as lenses — for sale. They may not be making new ones, but it will be a very long time before they vanish. Actually, I don’t think they will ever vanish completely. Remember how vinyl records were “dead” but now they are back? Anyway, many MANY people still love real cameras — and no matter what anyone says, a phone takes pictures, but there’s nothing in the world like a really good camera, with film or with digital.


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